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Total trade between China and I▓srael stood at over US$15 billion in 2016 (including figures f▓rom Chinese mainland and Hong Kong combined).And in the prior year, 2015, Chinese companies have already invested more than US$2 billion in Israel, compared to just US$▓300 million for 2014.Economists are forecasting China to surpass the US as Israel’s largest trading partner in the future, but a careful look at statistics show that China still has a long way▓ to go to catch up.In March 2015, the Israeli Tra

de Authority signed an Authorized ▓Economic Operator (AEO) agreement that simplifies customs and approval procedures for Chines▓e exporters to Israel."The mutual recognition program streamlines and simplifies trade between Israel and China." Israel's Trade Authority director Moshe Asher told the Jerusalem Post.Asher added, "▓Participation in the program is expressed through saving time and money" for Israeli companie▓s, exporters and importers to "make them more attractive to t

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